Monday, October 3, 2011

Todd Bertolaet

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County Seats

Some time last Spring I heard a news spot on how the majority of counties and parishes in the United States were losing population. It was said that rural communities are in greater decline than originally thought. I started photographing County Seats and County Squares a few months before I heard this news spot. My original thoughts were to document the storefronts around the main government building or symbol of government for a particular county. My hope was that the storefronts would give some kind of sociological and economic indication of where that particular county stands at the time when my photographs where made, so as to put these times into historical context with the particular county’s past. What is shown below are works in progress. 

Calhoun County, Morgan, Georgia

Berrien County, Nashville, Georgia

Taylor County, Perry,Florida

Terrell County, Dawson, Georgia

Baker County, Newton, Georgia

Calhoun County, Old and New Courthouses, Blountstown, Florida

Colquitt County, Moultrie, Georgia

Randolph County, Cuthbert, Georgia